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say, that you can be on the path of citizenship if you pay all of the back taxes that you have and pay a fine and we are talking about folks who are coming here and making the meager earnings, and how long does it take them to pay it all back before they can become citizens. >> michael, you made an economic argument about the cost of detaining and the cost of deporting and the cost of all of this, but i keep thinking about the cost of getting on that path to citizenship for ordinary immigrants here. >> all year long, we have the stories of the people coming into the offices. the filing fees are prohibitive to everybody introduced to the new gift. these people are putting food on the table, and they have the same challenges. president reagan in the 1980s changed the immigration law when he gave the nasty word amnesty out, and then he shifted the responsibility of policing immigration from government to employers, and the employers in a hard economy and generation now are being punished by the obama administration and the justice department and homeland security by not doing i-9s and pol
the tourism industry is 40% of the tax revenues. the city spent five years and $1.2 billion making improvements to roads, airports, hotels and restaurants in preparation for the super bowl. once the super bowl is over, new orleans gets back to business as usual. all the changes to the city don't necessarily equate to changes in the lives of the resident who is remain behind. i have to tell you, for those of us living in super bowl crazy town, just the traffic snarls, trying to get my kids to school, much more importantly, look at millions of dollars in profits coming to the hotels, but they don't raise the income for the front line workers. that money ends up back here in manhattan. >> event economics are like trojan horses. they are brought to a city and sold with the idea of the party aspect. like your city is going to host a party, you should have pride in that, it means something to the country. >> new orleans. >> it's reflected all over the world when a city hosts the olympics or world cup. it imposed an economic structure saying we are going to base it around a service econom
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)